Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Angelotu 2018

Tasting notes

This ruby-red wine tends to become orangey color with aging.

Its scent is characteristic, with delicate fruity and floral hints. The taste is dry, at times amiablevelvety, with good body.

It goes well with traditional Piedmont dishes, like stuffed pasta, roasts, boiled meats and cheeses.

Basic information

Product Name: Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Angelotu
Vineyard: Nebbiolo
Denomination: Langhe Nebbiolo
Classification: DOC
Color: red
Type: still
Country / Region: Piedmont / Italy
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 14
Number of bottles produced: 1,250


Method: pressing, de-stemming and maceration with grape skins with frequent pumpings with the cap submerged for 20/30 days
Temperature: 28 °C
Lenght: 20 / 30 days
Malolactic: done
Aging: in wood
Age of barrels: 10 years
Barrels type: big barrels
Wood type: Austrian oak
Level of toast: medium
Aging time in wood: 12 months
Minimum aging in bottle: 9 months

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% of Grape/Cépage: 100% nebbiolo
Soil: medium texture
Exposure: south
Agricultural method: guyot
Year of plantation: 1980
Type of harvest: manual in wooden crates
Geolocation: Langhe


Empty bottle weight: 575 g
Aging potential: 10 / 15 years
Cork size: 24 x 44 mm
Cork material: cork
Bottle type: Albeisa

Chemical Analysis

Dry extract [g/l]: 23.80
Total acidity [g/l of tartaric acid equivalent]: 5.37
Volatile acidity [g/l acetic acid equivalent]: 0.50
Total SO2[mg/l]: 120
Free SO2[mg/l]: –