A new way of drinking Piedmont wine

What can you do when you are the latest arrival in the Langhe, among wineries that have decades of history and have been producing wine for generations? Go against the tide; be a rebel.

This is how Borgogno Rivata was born, an Italian winery with a street and unconventional soul.

For those who love to drink wine without prejudice. For those who want to break the mold.

For real garage owners. For true rebels.

Where is the cellar

Borgogno Rivata winery is located in La Morra, in the heart of the Langhe. In total we have about 5 hectares of vineyards.

The Langhe, in Italy, is one of the best known and renowned areas for the production of great Piedmontese red wines.

In 2014 they became Unesco Heritage for their being “an exceptional living testimony of the historical tradition of vine cultivation, of winemaking processes, of a social, rural context and of an economic fabric based on the culture of wine”.

Millions of visitors from all over the world come here every year.

Who We Are?

The founders of the winery are Massimo Rivata, Alberto Borgogno and Samuele Fontanone. Massimiliano Ceppa collaborates with them.

Right from the start they wanted to make their passion for wine something different, unique. Instead of competing with historic wineries, devoted to tradition, they sought a strong identity, looking at innovation and a new way of conceiving wine and being producers in an area like that of the Langhe.

Just like in the 90s the garage owners did in Bordeaux: a group of French producers who decided not to go along with the traditional production style of Bordeaux, but to develop a personal style, with unconventional processes.

Why Are We Different?


We start from tradition to overturn the rules. We are a young winery that innovates: from work in the vineyard to production; from the way of communicating to welcoming visitors.


We only harvest the best grapes and “listen” to them to work them to the best of their potential. To bring them to express themselves in the aromas, flavors and body of authentic wines, with an original character.


Since 2018 our vines have been SQNPI certified (National Integrated Production Quality System) to guarantee healthy grapes, safe for consumers, and products almost free from chemical residues. In the cellar we have made various furnishings with recycled materials.


We have a small production, but a great story of rebellion to tell. You can feel it in our mural, in the labels, in the industrial style of the cellar, in our wines and in the daily life of the work that we tell on social networks.

Il Barolo DOCG Borgogno Rivata

In December 2021 the first Barolo DOCG Borgogno Rivata was released, in a limited edition of 632 bottles, of which ⅓ sold in the first month, with the possibility for customers to customize the bottle with their favorite number.

A red wine symbol of our street soul, starting from its label, different from all the traditional Barolo labels.

The appeal is strongly urban and avant-garde right from the character of the writing, which incorporates the street art mural outside the cellar. And even at the sip our Barolo DOCG does not fail to amaze, to go outside the box.

About us

Every year we welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world to the winery, mostly Americans, Russians and Germans.

We walk with them through our rows in the Langhe, following the path of wine from grape to glass. We tell our story and then we find ourselves around a large wooden table to toast to shared values: to be authentic, creative; always risk, to discover roads not yet traveled.

Here are their testimonies of this experience:

A wonderful experience

The visit to this winery was a wonderful experience. Tour through the vineyards and in the production rooms with the explanations of the production cycle that makes you savor the taste of the excellent wine they produce, all with a lot of professionalism and sympathy. Excellent final tasting accompanied by typical products. I absolutely recommend a visit!

A beautiful tasting

A beautiful tasting of really interesting, “real”, genuine, and above all good wines sealed by the stories and explanations of Massimiliano who with his enthusiasm for his work and for the world of wine is truly an excellent host! It is highly recommended to come and visit them and fill up on bottles.

A big surprise

Borgogno Rivata was a big surprise for me! A new Company since 2015 run by young and creative people not afraid of making experiments. Currently available two different Arneis, one Barbera, two Nebbiolo and one cidre based on pears and one Pelaverga. The first Barolo will be available in December. All wines of high quality some very elegant. But a bit different to similar wines from other producers. To me a very positive experience including the upcoming Barolo!

A fantastic family winery

This is a fantastic family winery with a great range of wine on offer. Massimo experience and passion for winemaking make it a small gem in the area. I got delivered in London a selected choice and cannot wait to pass my next order!

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